Friday, May 13, 2011

“Goodwill demands patience.”

Goodwill demands patience.”
(Great is He Who Protects All, Who is Provider of All)
Those who are engaged in farming or get farming done from others for both some useful points have been shared here.  It is my sincere prayer to please pay close attention to these points.  
Violence in Farming
People are of the strong opinion and judgment that by killing the insects, bugs, pests, creepy-crawly creatures, abundance of grain and produce will grow.  This is absolutely a false idea.  It is a delusion.   Previously such killing and violence used to not take place.  Previously there used to be swarms of locusts that covered the entire sky like thick clouds creating darkness in the fields!  At that time people used to say that this year it is going to rain in abundance and the crop will be good; because God will do it not for us, but definitely for all these little creatures.  Therefore the year that these locusts used to come, that year there was no drought, no famine.   For three years straight these locusts used to come and then for twelve years they would not come and then once again reappear.   Now these locusts have all been killed and destroyed!  In the fields there are many different kinds of pesticides and insect killers being sprayed, whereby all these little creatures die.   Previously in rainy season the number of bugs that could be seen in and around lights is not to be seen any more.  However, not everyone is benefitted by the destruction of these little creatures.   Previous what was the price of wheat and millets and now what is it?   If the crop would be far more as a result of destruction of these bugs, then the grains should be cheaper in this day and age.  But why has the grain become so much more expensive?   It is because of killing and destruction, that this grain is more expensive now.   If you did not kill, then there would be no loss from them. 
Today you are a human, therefore you are killing animals and other creatures.    But at some point in time, it will be your turn also to be an animal and they will be humans, then they too will kill you.   One inevitably has to suffer the consequences of their actions - 
Avashyame bhoktavyam krtum karma shubhashubham |
Naabhuktam ksheeyate karma janmakotishatairapi   ||  
Being bigger, you are killing smaller beings, and yet want mercy - is this justice?   Saints-great souls should be compassionate towards us, Bhagwaan (God) should be merciful towards us, powerful men should be forgiving, kind and just towards us – Do you have rights to desire such things?   If you are compassionate towards those that are smaller and less powerful than you, then those greater and more powerful than you will be kind and forgiving.  Or else, you have no rights whatsoever to want these things.  Those that are not compassionate and merciful to the less powerful ones should not receive compassion and mercy from the great and more powerful ones.   But the great ones continue to shower their grace and mercy on the smaller ones.  Therefore you too must have mercy and shower your grace on the smaller weaker creatures. 
You buy all sorts of pesticides simply to kill these tiny creatures.  Is this the work of one who is greater?  Powerful and capable is he who makes others also powerful, capable and great.  He who destroys others is not powerful and capable, rather he is totally incapable!  A hen that had laid eggs, if someone comes close to her while she is nesting her eggs, she will grab hold of it and tear it apart; because in her mind there is fear that possibly someone may harm my babies !  Has the hen therefore become capable? Powerful and capable is one who protects all, who is provider of all.   You have been given the intellect.  Many of you have been given the farms, land. Therefore grow crops on these lands.  These farms, this land has not been given to you for killing other creatures.    
The poisonous pesticides that you spray on these fields have a very bad effect on the crops, due to which one's health is affected negatively.  In the cities too, chemicals are put in the water and there is a certain odor to the water.  Even with such water, one's health is affected.   In Himmatsar, Nokha certain types of chemicals were sprayed on the grass and lawns to prevent the bugs and weeds.  By eating the grass the cows died.  These chemicals being sprayed have such poison in them that many animals die by eating it.  You are spraying your crops with such dangerous chemicals.  Have you thought about what kind of damage this can do to all those who eat those grains and vegetables?

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