Tuesday, May 17, 2011

“Helping hands are more sacred than the hand engaged in prayer.”

“Helping hands are more sacred than the hand engaged in prayer.”

(For Improving Character, Turn Towards God)

Sarva dharmaan paritajya maamekum sharanam vraj |

Aham twaa sarva paapebhyo mokshayishyaami maa suchah ||" (Gita 18:66)

Whatever duties there are in this world, whatever perfection have been attained, whatever progress has been made, all of it is encompassed within this one and only one point "Taking Refuge in the Lord" (Sharanagati). God says, however many sins there are, however many evil qualities and evil conduct that is there, I will liberate you from all of these. Do not worry. The divine traits will come on their own through My grace,.

Just like a child remains in his mother' s lap, then he is naturally looked after and provided for and growth takes place. Similarly if that one support of God is taken, then all the good qualities and conduct will come without one's knowledge or without realizing. The character building "charitra nirmaan" will take place on it's own.

In this manner, if you look through out the Gita, then there is only one point - To walk towards God (Paramatma) in other words to turn towards (sanmukh) God. In character building "charitra nirmaan", the only reason (hetu) is having the aim of turning towards God. While aim, goal of turning towards the world itself is the cause of deterioration of character.

All evil qualities and bad or improper conduct (durgun-duraachaar) come only when there is desire for worldly enjoyments and accumulation of material possessions (hoarding). The thing that will bring one down the most is importance of money and dependency on it. With money man's character falls. When his character goes down, it causes others to criticize him, dishonor him. A man with a flawed character is lower than even animals and hell. Because those animals and those in hell are only suffering the consequences of the fruits of past sins-karmas (actions) and are moving towards humanity. However, a man with a flawed character, being engaged in evil actions is moving towards hell and lower forms of birth. Similarly the company a man keeps also leads to his downfall.

Baru bhal baas narak ker taataa |

Dusht sung jani dehi bidhaataa || (Manas 5/46/4)

Therefore for improving your character, turn towards God that "I am God's (I belong to God) and God is mine. I don't belong to the world, and the world is not mine.

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