Tuesday, May 10, 2011

“Mistake teaches not to repeat mistakes.”

(The Essence of Gita -  Taking Refuge in God) 

The Upanishads are the essence of all the Vedas, the essence of all the Upanishads is the Gita, and the Essence of Gita is `sharanagati' (taking refuge in God).  It is the best of all, the highest of all spiritual practices – "Surrendering to God".  It is explained in details in Gita 18/65 and 18/66.   It ends with "maa suchah" – do not worry.    God says –

1)      "Manmanaa bhava" become one whose mind is engaged in Me.  This means accept God to be your very own.

2)      "Mad Bhakto"  -  become My devotee.  This means -  " I belong to God" "I am God's"

3)      "Madhyaaji" -  "Worship (Pujan) Me"  Means become one who does everything for God (surrenders all work to God)

4)      "Maam namaskura" – Do Namaskaar to Me.  It means "surrendering your Self to God".  

These four points are very key.  First accept God as your very own, then accept you belong to Him, then do all work as His worship, and then surrender your entire Self to Him.    Now,  if you offer all work to God, how will you be able to do sinful work? 

Next God says -  "Leave support of all dharmas (duties) and take refuge in Me alone and I will protect you from all sins.   I will liberate you.  Do not worry!"  Now this message is for everyone,  not just a select few. Therefore taking refuge in God is best of all spiritual disciplines.   When you surrender to someone, then the responsibility lies with the one you surrender to.  "Jaraa maran mokshaayaa" - He who takes refuge in Me, will get to know Me in entirety and will attain Me alone. 

Gentlemen,  Bhagwaan is saying take refuge in Me.  Simply as you are, take refuge.  Not after you have become pure and perfect. This simply means accepting - Oh Lord! I am yours.  Then just like the way you take care of your child, God will take care of you.  The burden of responsibility will lie on Bhagwaan (God).   When you follow any one of these four points, your sentiments will change in all four.  Just like an adopted child towards his new parents, just like one who becomes a sadhu (ascetic). This is only a change in sentiments "I belong to God".

The extraordinary point is that we already are His,  it is only that we do not remember this.   "Mamevaansho" -  "You are an eternal part of Me alone" (Gita 15/7) By this simple act of change in sentiments,  all entire being (all actions, behavior) will change.  It will become purified.  Let there only be pride of belonging to our Master -  `as abhimaan jaaye nahin bhore, mein sewak,  Raghupati pati more."  Even if we forget everything, let us not forget that "we are the servant of the Lord"  All divine qualities will come automatically.  There will be no more fear,  nor more doubts, no more worries, no more – grief, mourning or regrets (shauk). 

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