Saturday, May 7, 2011

“Incomplete preparation can not produce better result.”

“Incomplete preparation can not produce better result.”
(Qualities of a Person who Possesses Divine Traits)

Question: Who is most deserving of this extremely secret and confidential teachings ?

God says - One who possesses divine traits.

Question: What are the marks of the person who possesses divine traits?

God said -

Remains fearless, firm and solely reliant on Me alone
Has a firm resolve within to attain Me
Remains equanimous in all circumstances to know Me and My true Essence (tattva).
Gives pure (sattvika form of) Charity
Keeps all senses in complete control
Performs his duties
Abides in the principles of the sacred books and bringing them into his life
Bares any hardships that come in the course of his duties with inner joy
Has straight-forwardness of body, mind and speech
Causes no difficulty in the least bit to anyone (Non-violence) through body, mind and speech
Is truthful and genial in speech
Is freed from anger even on provocation by regarding everyone as My Manifestation
Renounces worldly desires
Is tranquil within, being free of inner clatter from likes and dislikes
Refrains from malicious gossip
Is Kind and compassionate to all beings (creatures)
Is not tantalized and desirous of worldly sense objects
Has softness (mildness) of heart
Feels a sense of shame in doing actions not sanctioned by the scriptures
Is free from hastiness and fecklessness
Has powerful and impressive body and speech
Inspite of having the ability to punish, forgives the sinner
Has fortitude in all situations and circumstances
Maintains external purity (of body)
Is free of Malice
Is free of Pride

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